Support Couple Training 守望夫妻培訓

Being a support couple is a fun and rewarding way for couples within the church to get involved in helping build strong marriages inside and outside of the church. Taking interest in another relationship while providing a model for what a healthy marriage looks like can be significant for those exploring marriage.

Requirements: The only requirements for being a support couple are that you have been married for two years and have completed The Marriage Course yourself.

Responsibilities: Commitment to invite a couple going through The Pre-Marriage Course into your home – offering them hospitality, sharing your own person experiences, and facilitating a conversation around the couple survey.
職責:承諾邀請一對通過美滿婚姻預備課程的夫婦到你們家-為他們倆提供款待,分享你們的個人經歷,並促進環繞 情侶問卷調查的對話。

The Couple Survey is an online survey that helps couples highlight issues that are important to discuss before getting married; it also affirms areas of strength in their relationship. It is not a test of compatibility.
情侶問卷調查是一項 線上調查,幫助情侶們在婚前,突顯重要討論的問題;它還確認他們關係中的優勢區域。它不是相容性的測驗。

Before using the Couple Survey, we recommend that you watch the training videos below and sharing this with your Support Couples as well. 

This is a five part series video. Browse through and select the next video from the top right corner. 這是一個由五部分組成的系列影片。瀏覽並從右上角選擇下一段影片。

Get Started Now 立刻開始

  1. Sign into the Marriage Course Builder, register a course and click on the ‘Couple Survey’ tab at the top of the page to use the Couple Survey
    登錄於 婚姻課程資源中心,先註冊課程,然後 按下 頁面頂端的「情侶問卷調查」選項卡來使用情侶問卷調查
  2. Add your Guest Couples. 加入 你的來賓情侶。
  3. Add your Support Couples. This may be yourself. If you don’t have Support Couples assigned to each guests yet, you can also just send the Couple Survey reports to yourself. 加入 你的守望夫婦。這可能是你自己。如果你們還沒有為每個來賓分配守望夫婦,你也可以將情侶調查報告發送給自己。
  4. Click the “Send Link” button to send Surveys to Guest Couples. They will receive an automated email.
  5. Once the Guest Couples have completed their reports, click “Send Report Link” to send reports to Support Couples or yourself.
    來賓情侶完成報告後,按兩下「發送報告連結」 並將報告發送給守望夫婦或你自己。
  6. You can resend the Survey Report link multiple times. 你可以多次重新送出問卷調查報告連結
  7. The Survey Reports expire 30 days after the end of the course.  問卷調查報告在課程結束後30天到期。



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