Running The Marriage Course

Run The Marriage Course 開辦你的美滿婚姻課程

The Marriage Course is an easy-to-run, practical seven-session course designed to support couples looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. No expertise is needed to run the course. You may have experience working on your own marriage, or you are passionate to see marriages and family life strengthened in your community. You don’t need to be married to run The Marriage Course, but we do recommend having a married couple on hand for support.

美滿婚姻課程是一個容易操作實用的七堂課程,為要支持尋求實際支援的夫婦,為實際支持他們健全的關係。進行的課程不需要專業知識。你可能要有自己婚姻經驗,或者在你的社區中,你熱衷於看到穩固的婚姻和家庭生活。你不需是已結婚才來舉辦婚姻課程, 但我們確實地建議,要有一對已婚夫婦在旁支援。

What you need to run The Marriage Course: 開辦美滿婚姻課程須知

The Marriage Course DVD or free downloadable videos, with designated breaks for conversations.
美滿婚姻課程 DVD 或免費下載影片,特定對談和休息時間。

Download on the Marriage Course Builder.在 婚姻課程資源中心 下載

Leaders’ guide with clear instructions on how to host your course.

Download on the Marriage Course Builder. 在 婚姻課程資源中心 下載

Guest Journals (2 per couple). 來賓手冊 (每對夫妻2本)

To puchase journals, please reach out to your local Alpha office.
欲要購買手冊,請你與 當地的啟發辦公室聯絡。

As we watched the series, it has been a breath of fresh air for our community. It is convenient and simple to facilitate. Week by week, we haven’t seen the numbers taper off and in fact, we’ve added couples taking the course. The team has put an outstanding resource together. We anticipate every week being encouraging, strengthening and building on the week before. The is no doubt the pastoral and evangelistic nature of The Marriage Course springboards everyone involved towards a biblically strong marriage.

Ryan (Dubai)

How to run?

The Marriage Course has been developed so that it is easy to run anywhere and by anyone. Here is a step by step ‘to do’ list if you want to get started.
美滿婚姻課程已經開展,任何地點和任何人,它都很容易開辦。如果你想開辦,按著以下列表,即可一個一步一步來做 。

You can find everything you need from tips and training to our new episodes online in our brand new Marriage Course Builder.

你可以找到你需要的一切,從提示和培訓到我們的新情節在線上,在我們的全新的 婚姻課程資源中心,我們 在線上 有新的版本, 有從提示技巧和訓練。


First things first, schedule a start date for your course and find a venue, ideally somewhere with plenty of space to provide privacy for couples.


Next up, head to The Marriage Course Builder and register your course. This will enable you to explore our latest episodes and resources.


On our website you’ll also find training videos and materials for you and your team, these will help get everyone up to speed.


Before your first session, you’ll need to get the series online and buy or download Guest Journals for each guest and Leaders’ Guides for your team.


Finally, get inviting. The Marriage Course is a great opportunity to reach people outside the church walls. Find promotional materials on the Marriage Course Builder.

We’re here to help 我們在這兒協助

Marriage Builder is your online access to the Marriage Course learning centre, and planning tool, team training, and series material. It’s a free resource to support you through your entire Marriage Course experience.
婚姻課程資源中心是你在線上存取, 美滿婚姻課程的學習中心,及計劃的工具、團隊訓練和系列的材料。這是一個免費的資源,支持你通過整套美滿婚姻課程的經驗

Learning Centre 學習中心

The Marriage Builder Learning Centre contains a series of videos and articles that will equip you to effectively run the Marriage Courses. These videos and articles are divided into learning modules covering the best practices of running the Courses, so that you’re set up to succeed.


Management and Planning Tool 經營和規劃工具

The Management and Planning Tool helps you schedule your team training, Course sessions, and your Marriage time away. From this tool, you can also invite your team to the digital platform, and access all the promotional materials for your Marriage or Pre-Marriage course. You can also publish your course so that people can find you.

Series Material

In Materials, you can download all the video sessions and scripts for the The Marriage Course and The Pre-Marriage Course. Along with the sessions.


We’ve created resources to help you along every step of the way. 我們來幫助你建立資源,完成每一個步驟。

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