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青年影片系列 | 中文

第一單元 | 生命:這就是人生嗎?  D W

第二單元 | 耶穌:耶穌是誰?  D W

第三單元 | 十架:耶穌為甚麼死?  D W

第四單元 | 信心:怎樣得著信心?  D W

第五單元 | 禱告:為甚麼要禱告?怎樣禱告?  D W

第六單元 | 聖經:為甚麼要讀聖經?怎樣讀聖經?  D W

第七單元 | 跟隨:神怎樣指引我們?  D W

第八單元 | 聖靈:聖靈是誰?聖靈有什麼工作?  D W

第九單元 | 充滿:怎樣被聖靈充滿?  D W

第十單元 | 邪惡:怎樣抵擋邪惡?  D W

第十一單元 | 醫治:神今天還醫治人嗎?  D W

第十二單元 | 教會:教會是什麼?為甚麼要傳福音?  D  W


培訓一 | 如何開辦啟發 D W

培訓二 | 如何帶領啟發小組 D W

培訓三 | 祈禱服事 D W

English | Sessions

Episode 1 | Life: Is this it?  D W

Episode 2 | Jesus: Who is Jesus?  D W

Episode 3 | Cross: Why Did Jesus die?  D W

Episode 4 | Faith: How can I have faith? D W

Episode 5 | Prayer: Why and how do I pray? D W

Episode 6 | Word: Why and how do I read the Bible? D W

Episode 7 | Follow: How does God Guide us? D W

Episode 8 | Spirit: Who is the Holy Spirit and What does he do? D W

Episode 9 | Fill: How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? D W

Episode 10 | Evil: How can I resist evil? D W

Episode 11 | Healing: Does God heal today? D W

Episode 12 | Church: What about the Church and Telling Others? D W

Small group questions  D

Toolbox / 工具箱

Getting Started D

事先籌備 D

Marketing Pack D

推展與宣傳 D

Sample Schedule / 時間表 D

Team Roles D

同工角色 D


Training 1 | How to run a great Alpha D W

Training 2 | How to lead small groups on Alpha D W

Training 3 | Prayer Ministry on Alpha D W

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith, in a friendly, open and informal environment.
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